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Employment Opportunities

Horton Harvesting employ seasonal harvesting staff from September – December. If you would like to join the Horton Harvesting team for the next
harvest season, email your interest
outlining your previous experience to

We will then provide you with an application form and our employee manual.

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During my time working with Horton Harvesting, I spent three back to back seasons with the business from 2014 to 2017.

While working with Horton Harvesting I had the opportunity to work alongside a large range of different employees, varying in age, skill, gender, and nationality. This has led to continued friendships across Australia and the world. While working with, and alongside Evan, it was soon understood that to succeed in this industry you have to put pride into your job and perform to a high level, performing the best job that man and machine can do.

Over the years I spent working with the team, I grew and improved as a chaser bin driver and combine harvester operator, thanks to the high skill set of each member of the team. The teamwork and motivation made working for Horton Harvesting one of the most enjoyable employers to work for. Evan Horton expects each task to be carried out as fast as possible while still achieving the best result possible. I have adopted this thinking as I have pursued a path in agriculture and as we all know timeliness is crucial.

Keeping it simple and straight, Horton Harvesting provided an excellent service with a great team, who are very easy to get along with and are motivated to achieve great results.

Harry Whipple | Australia

After securing a long term visa to stay in Australia, I began scouring the web, looking for work for the summer months. From previous experience, while doing my regional work in Australia, I was driving the chaser bin for the farmer I was employed with. I was keen to give this a go again.

I came across Horton Harvesting’s website and sent my resumé through. Evan got back to me very promptly and we organised a catch up. Upon first meeting Evan and his wife Linda, I found them both very nice and approachable. We all got on very well. Even though I have had a long work history of working with machinery, I had never operated a header. Evan could see my potential and offered me a position that same day.

A month or two passed before we actually started work. I really had no idea what to expect but I was looking forward to the challenge. Evan had assembled a really good team and we all got on tremendously well throughout the season. While I was originally offered the header driving position, I decided to start on the chaser bin first and learn my way up from that. It also helps, when things get really busy, that everyone can be flexible and can operate all the equipment necessary to keep everything ticking over.

Evan and Shane, his second in command, are a great team and are very patient, clear, concise and thorough in their training of what they want and expect from their operators. What these guys don’t know isn’t worth knowing when it comes to harvesting. They foster a very homely atmosphere which makes a big difference when you are working away from family and loved ones over a long period. Overall, it’s been a tremendous experience working with Horton Harvesting and I wouldn’t hesitate for a minute to recommend them to anyone that was interested in giving the grain harvest a go.

Cian O’Regan | Ireland

Working for Horton Harvesting was an amazing experience. They have a great ethic and offer a high level of quality service to their customers. I learned a lot in my time with them.

The combines and tractors are very well looked after and very comfortable too. There was a great team spirit and we were all well looked after - Shane cooks like a French Chef! We were often treated with good meat or fish that Evan had caught before the season!

Linda helped me out with my paper work, and Evan was truly of a great help, helping me to find some work after the harvest and recommending me to other employers. The whole team was very friendly and helpful. We moved around for work on several farms, which made my experience even more interesting.

Gabriel Cuisset | France