Providing quality contract harvesting services since 1996.

Horton Harvesting is owned and operated by Evan and Linda Horton, who have built their business on a passion for farming technology and the utmost dedication to honest, reliable, and efficient service.

Since taking on his first contract harvesting job at 12 years of age, driving a Massy Ferguson 542 with a 21’ front, Evan’s extensive farming background provides the experience and knowledge of crop and harvesting conditions to get the job done to the highest standard.

Our Services

We have the capability to service properties across Eastern Australia from Central Queensland right down to New South Wales and Victoria.

The Horton Harvesting team have experience harvesting a wide variety of crops including:

red tick circle_transparent copy Wheat
red tick circle_transparent copy Triticale
red tick circle_transparent copy Faber Beans
red tick circle_transparent copy Canola
red tick circle_transparent copy Mung Beans

red tick circle_transparent copy Forage Sorghum
red tick circle_transparent copy Millets
      (Pannicum, Panorama,
      White French, Jap, Shiroe,
red tick circle_transparent copy Barley

red tick circle_transparent copy Soybeans
red tick circle_transparent copy Sorghum
red tick circle_transparent copy Lupins
red tick circle_transparent copy Chickpeas

red tick circle_transparent copy Grass Seeds
      (Bambatsi, Gatton Panic,
      Purple Pigeon,
      Premier Digit)
red tick circle_transparent copy Oats

Our harvesting rates are based on an assessment of:

• Crop type & grain yield – heavier crops usually take longer to harvest.

• Sample purity – setting & operating harvester to receival depot standards.

• Crop condition – free standing or falling down, weed affected, or low yield areas.

• Travel distance to farm – if remote from other grain growers.

• Paddock terrain – ground conditions & obstacles.

• Total crop area – number of contractor machines on property.

• Proximity to trucks, field bins & silos – delays to unload.

• Provision of related equipment by contractor – chaser bins, field bins & trucks.

• Terms of account payment – if not settled at completion of harvest.

Our Harvest Machinery

We use the latest harvesting technology for an outstanding quality of work and update our machinery when the opportunity arises. Our machinery is continually maintained so you can be assured of reliable and efficient service when your crop is ripe and ready for harvest.

• Class 8 late model Case IH Machines with 12m fronts on 3m wheel centres

• Tractors and Chaser Bins on 3m centres

• Canola Fronts

• GPS guidance runs on RTX centrepoint (4cm)

• Specialised in Control Traffic Farming Systems and Yield Mapping

about us copy image

Evan Horton has been doing contract grain harvesting for me for the past 5 or 6 seasons. His work has been excellent and his approach to the whole job is very professional.

His knowledge of his machines is very thorough and he makes every effort to ensure they do the best possible job in whatever harvesting conditions he encounters. He is reliable and does his best to have his harvesters here when the crops are ready.

I have found Evan to be honest, always courteous, hardworking and dedicated to his job, and would continue to use his services.

Murray Nitschke
Meandarra, Qld